This New Adventure

After almost two months of silence and the most hectic Monday of my life, I am writing another blog post! Phew! Maybe you can tell my first thirty days at Trent University have been a rollercoaster ride. With the month in review on my mind, here are some highlights from this new adventure so far!

What Next?

Life this July feels like the moment after placing the last piece of a puzzle. Countless hours spent finding the missing pieces, building around sides and corners until you get to the final slot and… it’s complete. What next?

Out of This World

I was born into an age of wonder, of rapidly developing technology and a gold-rush fever demanding constant exploration. I was born into an age of discovery, of revelations of something escaping my comprehension, and an unquenchable thirst to keep on searching. I was born into an era of curiosity, of realities beyond my wildest dreams, of a sky full of opportunity.