Page-Turners From My Intergalactic Library

Maybe you’ve had a long week and just want to unwind, or you’ve found yourself the lucky recipient of a ticket to another galaxy and need some entertainment for the flight, you’ve come to the right post! Here I’ll be listing two of my favourite books inspired by outer space.

Out of This World

I was born into an age of wonder, of rapidly developing technology and a gold-rush fever demanding constant exploration. I was born into an age of discovery, of revelations of something escaping my comprehension, and an unquenchable thirst to keep on searching. I was born into an era of curiosity, of realities beyond my wildest dreams, of a sky full of opportunity.

Mean Green Eco Machine

You’ve no doubt seen all the viral posts with heart-wrenching images of marine life tangled in litter, or once-pristine beaches now a swarming pile of waste. And while you can’t deny the immensely corrupt complacency of corporations and countries in allowing the pollution of the environment to escalate to such levels, there is a small margin where we can make an impact.