This New Adventure

After almost two months of silence and the most hectic Monday of my life, I am writing another blog post! But before we get into, let’s elaborate on today.

The Most Hectic Monday of My Life

I followed a new morning routine, finished my outstanding work training, applied to as many bursaries as I was applicable for, attended a yoga class, visited the library for the first time as an official student, ate a really nice chocolate croissant, applied as a layout designer for the university annual, listened to a forty-minute album by a local artist, reviewed said album for the university-community newspaper, ate some nice tofu and chickpea masala, bought a sweater from the student union store, interviewed for and was offered the aforementioned university annual layout designer job, started my sales & customer service agent work shift at three, took a break at seven to eat some incredibly cheesy pasta, returned to work for another four hours, closed the athletics centre, and retreated into my dorm.


Maybe just by this recount, you can tell my first thirty days at Trent University have been a rollercoaster ride. With the month in review on my mind, here are some highlights from this new adventure so far!

Orientation Week

In one word, my arrival to Trent was wholesome. The O-Week leaders made it their mission to lead us through the activities with energy and gusto, while simultaneously imparting little nuggets of wisdom about the university life we were actively transitioning into. I volunteered to be part of my college’s Minute to Win It and Great Race teams, and they were both such incredible experiences. Even more rewarding than earning my team the first Great Race victory in nine years is the fact I can add Professional Book Balancer to my resume. 

You get what you give. Surround yourself with enthusiastic people who want to have a good time without worrying about seeming indifferent. Throw yourself into little activities that interest you. You’ll have more fun that way, I guarantee. I made some great friends through signing up to walk a race with a Psychology textbook on my head and pledging to jump into a freezing river with my teammates. 

All throughout residence-section meetings, tie-dying, cheer-offs between colleges, zoo trips, food truck festivals, varsity lacrosse games, scarf ceremonies, improv performances, Bob Ross paint-alongs and vanilla parties, I came to make some incredible connections. If we’re being totally honest, there were definitely some nerves leading up to move-in day, but the warm welcome I received blew all those fears away!

Stay Caffeinated Kids!

I cannot stress how much coffee – and just caffeine in general – has helped me stay awake. I work an opening shift on Wednesdays, which is coincidentally the most taxing day in my class schedule. Fun fact: waking up at five, two back-to-back two hours lectures, and a seminar at eight in the evening do not mix well. I have fallen asleep in every single one of my lectures at least once and it’s only been a month! Luckily there is coffee readily available all over campus – and I have had my fair share of it. But perhaps the most life-saving of all are the little caffeinated chocolate bars scattered around every food till. They are heaven on earth. They have brought me back to life when I was on the brink of the void. They are so. Good. So good. 

Live Fast – Slow Down

I live on a gorgeous campus. There is a river running the middle and forests of hiking trails just past my window. The sun makes the clouds into art when it rises and falls, and there are always cute critters to be found burrowing in their various dens. I like to take the time while crossing the bridge to breathe-in the moment. Look how pretty everything is. Look how wonderful the outside can be. Take it in. Life goes fast. I blinked and a quarter of the semester flew by.

Getting Involved

Already I’ve run for two different elections, and I will admit they were both a small margin shy of success. But I’ve also registered for volunteer orientation for the local world issues centre, written an article for our newspaper, scheduled in recreational dance club times – they start this Sunday! – and eagerly attended my college’s autumn dinner.

I love being part of something bigger than me – whether as a leader or just another worker bee. The university experience not only expects this involvement, but encourages it – and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Downtown Peterborough

My boyfriend came to visit this weekend and I took that time to get off campus a little and explore the city. Small and unassuming, downtown Peterborough is actually a treasure trove of rustic, borderline-hipster coffee corners, poutine cafes that smell so good you just have to stop for a bite, and boutique-esque shops boasting crystals, incense, and overpriced alpaca-wool blankets – which are, by the way, so soft! We also passed by a few intriguing plant stores and small clothing shops that I’m holding out on dropping by until I’ve salvaged at least some of my paycheque!

There are days when I miss my pets, my family, and my friends from home. I will admit I get a little teary every time a visit ends and I say goodbye. But every day I wake up and I am so, so grateful and glad that I get to spend the next four years of my life, building and growing, here.

See you soon for more life updates. Stay tuned in October.

– Chanel

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