My May Favourites

This is my third favourites post in a row, so hopefully we have the same taste! Read on to discover what I’ve been loving this month, why I’ve been AWOL, and what’s happening this June.

TV Show

I didn’t actually watch a lot of TV this month – it’s been really hectic! I’ve actually been more into bringing YouTube lately (check out the rest of the post for my latest favourites!) – after finishing my other shows I feel like I’ve depleted any good series to watch. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been enjoying on Netflix and I’ll check it out! In the meantime, I’ll countdown the  days until Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Umbrella Academy release their second seasons.


I watched Knock Down the House when it was released and it was really so powerfully poignant. Ever since she was thrown into the spotlight, I’ve really respected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her sophistication and authenticity. She stands her ground in quite a turbulent environment in a way that not only empowers her, but empowers the people who are on her side. She enforces the idea of community being the the backbone of a well-run nation in a way that is not only lovingly wholesome but refreshingly modern. It was also so moving to see the three other women who ran for office; although their campaigns didn’t result in election, it affirmed that there is a movement for social justice in government that we often aren’t privy to in mainstream media.

I also watched Avengers: Endgame this month, and I was absolutely bowled over. The movie was incredible – although heartbreaking at times – and I am planning on giving you an in-depth review on it later this month. So much has led up to this finale, I just wouldn’t be able to let it go without reflecting on it.


Dodie recently released an incredible single called Guiltless, and I’m not even exaggerating when I say I listened to it on repeat for a week straight. The harmonies, the production, the lyrics: every single thing about it is just extraordinary. From such private inspiration, dodie has made an amazing song that I really resonate with. Guiltless is certainly timeless – I know I’ll be humming along to all the different voices for ages to come.

What’s wonderful about this cover is that it truly embodies this amazing song!

I’ve also been loving ilomilo by Billie Eilish lately. Her album came out a while ago but lately I’ve really grown attached to this specific song – I listened to it a lot at nighttime while on the bus and it makes for a really atmospheric liminal space. 

For such a spooky album cover, there are certainly some softer, more intimate songs on this album…


As May was such a busy month, and the mid-season weather was often confusing to dress for, I found myself spending a lot of time in comfy pyjama-esque clothes. In fact, a lot of these cuddly pieces were also “merch”. The soft, red sweater sporting my drama class’s names and the fluffy, black tracksuit pants with my surname printed on the side – a loving gift for graduating from my dance studio – have been my go-to pieces for the last few weeks. I’ve also been wearing my Ravenclaw slippers (from Hot Topic) around the house, and I thought I’d give them a special shout out because they do a really good job keeping my tired feet warm and soft.


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately, namely Ashley (bestdressed) and Eve Cornwell. Although at first glance they seem like polar opposites – a film major in LA versus a law student in London – they’re actually quite similar! They’re both fresh out of university, figuring themselves out in their passion of choice – whether it be fashion or becoming a lawyer – and they both have incredible style and a wicked sense of humour. Eve recently started a new series on her account called Exam Season – which so far has been really entertaining! – and Ashley posts relatable, realistic and aesthetic content every week for the internet to enjoy. Follow the links above to check out their channels; they’re both worth it!


May is actually my second last month of high school – and it has certainly made its presence known. I’ve been up and down with various commitments: music theory exams, drama performances, dance recitals, and piano practicals! While I’d love to be able to, I can’t balance everything, and so while I set out last month to rejuvenate my blog, I ended up extending my hiatus and sort of just trying to roll with the busy weeks.

Coming Up in June

While June has its events in store, I feel as if I’ve been able to calibrate my blogging compass, and I’m ready to rebuild a routine here on Teenage Adoxography. Expect to see more posts coming soon; I have a lot of fun ideas and a fresh momentum after being on such a long break. Make sure to follow my Instagram to keep up to date: I’m planning on being a lot more active!

Thanks for sticking around during the break; I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave some of your own May favourites in the comments and I’ll be sure to review them! Until next time!

– Chanel

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