My April Favourites

I’m back!

It’s been just over a month since I posted here on the lovely Teenage Adoxography, but what better way to celebrate the first Monday of May with a new post?! Since I’ve been away for April, I thought I’d just recap some of the fun things I enjoyed this month – with another monthly favourites! I really like reading these – and writing them! – so hopefully you’re all set to snuggle up and review my month with me!

TV Show

On the 5th, Part Two of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina dropped, and I was binged it immediately! CAOS is perhaps my all-time favourite series – cats, witches, cute styles and the occasional Latin chant? What’s not to love?! I definitely want to go back and watch it slowly – binge-watching is tiresome work – and maybe even do a review, who knows? Either way, I implore you to watch Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – if you can. It’s a wickedly good show!

Witch, please!


Unfortunately I haven’t really read a book these last few months – which has been kind of frustrating because I do love to read, I just need to set aside the time. Over the Easter weekend, I decided to pick up The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce – a book I bought way back last year while buying snacks to sneak into the cinema. I had read Joyce’s Perfect in January 2017 while on holiday – I actually finished it on the drive home and tried in vain to hold back my tears; it was a sad book. I really fell in love with Joyce’s voice and style of writing, so I knew I’d love The Music Shop. So far, it’s been a really great read and I’ll make sure to publish a review when I finish it – hopefully soon!


After watching Captain Marvel, I could not help but be enthralled by the wonderful Brie Larson. Upon following her on Instagram, I noticed a lot of fan-art for her new Netlix movie Unicorn Store, and decided to give it a go.

The movie is so sweet – spoiler: I cried! – and if you have Netflix, you should definitely add it to your list. Brie does an amazing job of creating both this incredible film – as the director! – but also bringing the beautifully hopeful character of Kit to life. As someone who was often so scared of growing up, this movie really nuzzled its way into my heart.

Everything about this movie is just so HAPPY!


I, an unapologetic Swiftie, am in love with Taylor Swift’s latest single, ME! I eagerly awaited its release, going so far as to set alarms for myself for five minutes to midnight so I wouldn’t sleep through the drop. While I usually thrive as a night owl, April was absolutely exhausting, and luckily I managed to revive myself for 4.26!

ME! is a bop! What else is there to say? The music video was adorable – the pastel, rainbow vibes are just all kinds of wonderful – and the song itself is actually so lovely. I’m definitely a sucker for any pop songs that scream self-love and embracing your individuality: I’m a firm believer that art doesn’t have to only come from pain. ME! is the absolute epitome of an anthem: something you can sing along to on a long road trip, during a one-person dance party in your bedroom, or even just while walking down the street to school (true story!). Cynical critics can back off: yes, ME! isn’t a lyrical masterpiece, but it’s a labour of love and you can tell Taylor really believes in spreading the message of the song. Plus, cats and Panic! At The Disco. Could it get any better?

Catch me playing this song everyday for the rest of my life!


Now that the weather is finally starting to properly warm up, I’m finding that a large majority of my clothes are actually long-sleeved. While I still need to go through my old summer clothes and pick out what’s staying and what’s going to go – watch this space for a Depop soon! – I do know that I needed a few cute things and my Pinterest boards are finally organized enough that I know what my style is!

Lengthy exposition aside, I got some more summer clothes, including my first denim skirt in years! Hopefully that’ll get a lot of wear in the warm months to come!

Apps & Websites

Since January, I’ve been saving up towards a visit back in South Africa after I graduate in June. However, as diligent as I have been with my savings, it is really expensive to fly across the world (who would have thought?) and so I was becoming quite despondent. Luckily, I had an advert saved on Pinterest for Hopper – an app that gives you price predictions and finds cheap deals on flights – and an account I follow on Instagram (read on for more details about this mystery ‘grammer) recommended Skyscanner – a website that also shows similar price graphs and cheap deals. Between the two, I have managed to combat the fear that I won’t have enough saved by ticket-buying time – and it’s also pretty nifty to know for future travel excursions!


I think I stumbled upon @/shetravelledtheworld a while back, but I found her page again this April and I’ve really been loving her content. She has the most gorgeous travel photos and incredibly useful travel advice! As well as recommending the above website, she also recently posted a IG stories series on how to find cheap flights, with a lot of legit advice. If you’re looking for some #travelinspo, some aesthetic photo filters, or an expert in frugal voyaging: Courtney Leopard is your cup of tea. Plus, she uses the cutest gifs in her stories and I appreciate that.

How aesthetic!


I was deep-cleaning my room one productive public holiday, and I found the brilliant cheyenne barton. I was recommended her studio apartment tour video – which was all kinds of amazing – and continued diving into her channel while I dusted my shelves. Her vlogs were the cutest: with lovely doodles, the right amount of snippets and montages, and wonderful cameos of her cat, Sophie. Her videos are the perfect light entertainment that is both engaging, and yet comforting enough to have babble on in your peripheral vision while you deep clean your desk. It’s a very specific feeling, but I like it .


As I mentioned in last month’s post, I did take part in #escapril! Unfortunately, what with a busy schedule – and perhaps a lack of motivation almost – I didn’t complete it. I am proud of what I wrote though: I really created some golden lines in my attempts, and I’ll definitely push myself to participate fully next year.

I feel like having not finished is important for me. As I discussed in my first blog post, I really suffered with perfectionism and it was holding me back. In fact, one of the #escapril poems actually touches on how I rip pages out of notebooks because they aren’t right, only to be left with the shell of a book and no words that I like.

So having, in a way, messed up what I set out to do is not a success, per se, but a milestone. I like being nice with myself, saying “hey, maybe you didn’t do as well as you could, or thought you would, but I’m glad you didn’t force yourself to write until it wasn’t fun.” So while I may not be walking out of #escapril with 30 poems, I do have 15 and a content heart. There’s always room for improvement, and berating yourself for not being perfect at everything you do is just counter-productive. Pour that energy into practicing instead!

A little self-promo!

Coming Up In May

March on Teenage Adoxography was dedicated to quantity, churning out posts every other day in order to get writing down and out. April was reserved for #escapril, and then granted to increasingly busy days. In May, I’d like to preserve the quality of what I right. I have a few interesting ideas jotted down that I’d like to build on, and hopefully I’ll publish a couple of nice posts this month!

I’m trying to find the right balance for me where I’m posting enough to be engaged, but not too much that I start to deteriorate. May is bound to be a busy month – and June even busier, no doubt – but I’m looking forward to seeing what it’ll bring to Teenage Adoxography! Hopefully you are too!

With that said, I’ll greet you in my next post. Hopefully my April favourites have inspired you to explore some new ideas you maybe haven’t before! If you enjoyed anything last month, let me know and I’ll check it out!

– Chanel

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