My March Favourites

Halt! Before continuing on with this post, get yourself comfy: maybe get all clean and hop into soft pyjamas, grab the pet of your choice – cat, dog, tarantula, pebble – and if you’re feel like going the extra mile, get a nice warm drink. Why? Because this is my first “monthly favourites” blog post and I’m counting on it being a big one.

So, what did I enjoy in March?

TV Shows

Perhaps my favourite thing of the month was The Umbrella Academy!

I was scrolling through Pinterest when I noticed a lot of jokes about The Umbrella Academy popping up – which was weird because I hadn’t even watched the show. The jokes were really good though, but I could tell they were spoilers for the show, and although I don’t really mind knowing what’s going to happen, I was starting to get confused with all the out-of-context humour. So, in order to better understand the memes on my feed, I binge-watched The Umbrella Academy.

I. LOVE. It.

It’s honestly one of my favourite shows of all time, and I am so excited for the second season to be released! I’ll definitely be writing a post detailing all my lengthy opinions on the show, but for now consider this your cue to drop everything (except this blog post, you can finish this first) and watch The Umbrella Academy. It’s a Netflix original show, so it should be available on all international Netflix-s.

Movies & Theatre

As you can check out in my previous blog posts, I went to see Captain Marvel and The Lightning Thief Musical. They were both incredible shows, the musical was so fun to watch and Captain Marvel owns my entire soul. I’m not sure if Captain Marvel is still in cinemas, or if you – dear reader – live in one of the lucky cities the musical is touring, but if you get the chance to see either productions then I implore you to check them out!


My Spotify has actually called me out for playing Billie Eilish’s bury a friend on repeat, that’s how much I’ve been listening to it. Everything about the track: the rhythm, the sound effects, Billie’s voice – it’s brilliant! It’s genius! I’ve also been loving you should see me in a crown lately; I added it to a playlist I was creating for a drama project and also saw an interesting choreography video to the introduction of the song on YouTube which I thought was amazing.

Beauty & Wardrobe

Over March break, I decided to take the plunge and bought an Alice band – which I really love! Fun fact: when I wash my hair, it becomes really poofy the next day. It’s probably curable but so far no one has blessed me with that knowledge, so I used to just get frustrated with my fluffy hair. For no longer! With my Alice band, I can just push it all back and out of my face. So handy – and cute too.

I have worn Alice bands before but about eight years or so ago, so it’s fun to have one again. Plus it’s stripey – and I love stripes. I got it from Urban Outfitters while out and about in Toronto – I’ll leave a photo below.


My guilty pleasure? Tapping games. Tapping games where you grow things on your phone by simply… tappin’.

They are the most mindless, pointless games and yet – I just love them so!

For a while I’ve had Terrarium – where you develop a cute little greenhouse shelf of different plants – and recently my friend introduced me to Tap Tap Fish – where you build up a cute little “abyssarium” of different marine life.

I play them on the bus when it’s crowded and I don’t feel like writing or spending data on social media. I also pull them out when I find myself getting stressed or overthinking – sometimes it’s really handy to have a mindless game with cute animations.


I really loved that in March I was regularly and consistently publishing posts. I pushed myself to write a blog post every second day, and apart from skipping the 30th, I achieved that goal. I thought it was important for me at the time to just get a lot of writing out, and try write more. A couple of time I pulled out old, unpublished works – but mostly they were recent pieces.

This month I want my writing to be a bit more polished, even if that means sacrificing the amount of content. I found myself feeling like my March writing wasn’t my absolute best because I was doing so much of it, but that wasn’t the point of March. In April, I’ll have cleaner, sleeker posts – and I’ll try to post regularly but it definitely won’t be as hectic as last month.

Coming Up In April

April is a very exciting month because of #escapril! Savannah Brown came up with the idea of writing a poem every day for a month, based on the old YouTube days of VEDA and such. The gist is that you write a poem – either inspired by the official escapril prompts or completely of your own accord – and share it online, to get involved with your own skills as a writer and the work of the online writing community. I think it’s a wonderful idea – you can follow along my escapril journey over on Instagram.

If you’re unfamiliar with some of my favourites, go check them out! If you were obsessed with something last month, let me know in the comments!

– Chanel

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