an hour and three minutes
and the word count’s stuck at nought
wracked my brains and wrung ’em out but couldn’t find a thought

dove into the bath and simmered in there toastily
sinking slowly down as my writer’s block smothered me

“it’s an even day” I said
“I have nothing to write. I used my back-up post already: I’m all out tonight”

“write about my food” piped up a friend engulfed in glee
“write about the essays due before you go to sleep”

“write about your bath” another peanut came to shout
“write about your writing class – what else can you write about?”

without offence I must admit the ideas – well, they lacked
the “je ne sais quoi” I wanted – my friend’s suggestions slacked

so I’m still sitting in the bath
fishing for a plan
fifty five minutes left to post
I need a helping hand

I tried to push myself to publish
every second day
but my lagging imagination
got stuck in the way

I suppose I need to plan ahead
but life it goes on turning
I have a project due that I really need to turn in

but I’d rather sweat creatively
and watch my toes turn prune-ish
if I stay here long after
I’ll get an idea – soonish

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