Bring On The Musical!

Witty jokes, catchy songs, crazy fight scenes and realistic goat legs: this musical had it all!

How many of you have felt personally victimized by the Percy Jackson movies?

Me taking it upon myself to personally fight the people behind the terrible movie adaptions

Chances are you fell in love with the series and when the movies came out you were so excited, only to have your heart ripped out by the complete and utter failure that they turned out to be. Just the thought of the films might make you throw up in your mouth a little, and I don’t blame you, even Rick Riordian, renowned author of the multiple mythology series, hated them.

Footage of me asking the oracle if we’ll ever get a good Percy Jackson movie before this musical!

When my friend Chloe sent me a message exclaiming that The Lightning Thief was coming to Toronto, I knew I had to take the chance to see a good production of one of my favourite book series. So on Friday, my sisters and I made our way to the Ed Mirvish theater in Toronto to watch The Lightning Thief Musical, and it was phenomenal.

Finally! A good Percy Jackson adaptation!

Here are a few musings on my favourite aspects of the play! I’ve also included a few photos from the official website, so you can sort of see what I’m talking about.

You go girl!

I enjoyed how the set changes were incorporated into the acting; characters would pick up furniture while singing and dancing, and move props around as naturally as they could make it seem. It made the scenes flow, rather than being littered with blackouts to move furniture. The stage was small, so there wasn’t an abundance of props anyways – which left more for the imagination. After all, most of the audience had already read the book the musical was based on, and had their own ideas of what Camp Half Blood looked like. Choosing to keep the set design clean and cluttered made space for the actors to dance during the fight scenes, and our own visions of camp to take centre-stage.

The scaffolding balcony! So cool!

Perhaps my favourite part was the lighting. The different colours and effects that were used helped to define the scenes – especially with the aforementioned blank set. The mottled gobos creating the leafy patterns on the floor for a forest effect, the drifting, watery blues portraying an underwater kingdom, and the various shades of orange for the passing of time at the summer camp all grounded the play in where it was set – while being very nice to see. Additionally, there was a scaffolding balcony with strip lights running vertically that flickered like flames for the scenes set in the underworld; I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off it!

A shot from my favourite song!

Personally, I felt the songs got better as the play progressed – and my favourite was a tune by Charon – the ferryman of the underworld. You can listen to it here! It was so jazzy – the production was the best part of the entire musical!

All the songs from the musical!

Overall, The Lightning Thief was a really cute and incredibly produced musical! It was fun to watch, and if it happens to ride over into your city, I definitely suggest going to watch it!

Me on my way to write a review after seeing the play!

– Chanel

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