There Is Nothing Weak About Kindness

There is nothing weak about kindness.

I remember sitting around a table during art class, listening to the girls chat about how “savage” they were, how “fierce” or “honest” they were, how mean they were. The one flicked her hair, grinning – proud to show off the teeth she had verbally ripped so many throats out with.

“It doesn’t suit you,” I piped up, speaking out of turn, breaking my usual oath of classroom hums and oohs and aahs. “Being mean, it just doesn’t suit you.”

She was a friendly girl. I had known her in grade four – a genius, a firecracker, but still soft and unscathed and gentle. She was not the tigress she made herself out to be. She was not the hunter she was becoming so lavishly.

“Wow Chanel, that’s really rude of you.” Another person reprimanded. The others mumbled in agreement.

To this day I will never understand where I put my foot in it. What was so offensive about saying her bitterness wasn’t mandatory and her sweetness was welcome? 

I am in no way a perfect person. I am in no way the epitome of kindness. I’ve fought against my own allies, I’ve broken promises I swore I’d keep, I’ve said stupid, stupid things I wish I could take back. I’ve fallen prey to rumours and I’ve assigned blame where I know now, it was my fault. 

But I will not be mean to be cool. I will not become a gladiator and play with my food for the fame.

There is nothing weak about kindness.

It often takes more courage to step out of your comfort zone with grace to lighten up another sky than to wall yourself with sharp words and forked tongues.

There is a culture of being “savage” for no reason – of unsolicited “brutal honesty”. Of critiquing without being constructive, of berating instead of building up.

Imagine taking all the energy we waste on picking out flaws and transform it into supporting each other. The community and camaraderie we could instill in our society – rather than #cancel culture.

When we support each other, encourage each other, we are only getting stronger.

There is nothing weak about kindness.

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