Call Me To The Wild

I’ve posted a few prose pieces on this blog, but it wasn’t that long ago I actually started writing unrestrained pieces like such. This one is directly inspired by this picture from April, 2017 – which is perhaps one of my favourite photos.

the same way that some people strive to become early birds – to curb their lie-in addictions and become the morning person they always wanted to be – I try – as best as I can – to be an outside person • you won’t find me spontaneously sitting in the garden or communing with birds and forest life – I’m quite comfortable indoors away from the dirt and ants that seem to plague the mossy grass (which tries its best to leave its green stains on my jeans) • but you will find me hiking when my dad calls us to the mountains, you will find me pointing to the pink-kissed sunrise on early winter mornings, you will find me swimming in waterfalls when one crosses our path, and camping wherever we feel to pitch the tent • you found me here by the lake, musing over the mystery of the clouds that rose from the trees, staring silently at the water, letting my mind calm like the slowly rippled surface • perhaps when you find me, you’ll take the best picture of me that any camera could • it wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t staged – just a natural smile captured by a person I love who found me by the lake, who calls me to the wild • nothing is too small in the forest

nature’s actually quite wonderful when you get around to it

There is such a wonderful feeling behind this

– Chanel

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