Visiting Niagara Falls

On Monday the 18th of February, my family and I visited Niagara Falls. I thought I’d make a post commemorating the trip – it really was one of the most impressive things I’ve seen.

The quest to see the waterfall began with an hour and a half long road trip through Toronto to Niagara. I hadn’t been to the lake / harbour-y side of Toronto, so it was cool to drive past and see the water. It stretches on for so long, it’s hard to wrap your mind around the fact that it’s not the sea.

When we reached the Falls, we parked the car and walked to the railings. It’s incredible how close you can actually get to the water before it falls! It was a very grey day; the persistent snow made it a difficult task to keep your eyes open to watch the waterfall. Note to self: when visiting Niagara Falls in the winter, wear proper snow shoes, not little boots with no insulation or waterproofing whatsoever. Needless to say, my toes were absolutely freezing – but the view was worth it.

After walking along the rails, risking frostbite to take pictures, we made our way to a little waffle shop for an infamous BeaverTail: you could smell them from a mile away! A BeaverTail is a fried dough pastry – imagine a waffle’s cousin – hand-stretched to resemble a beaver’s tail. It’s specifically Canadian – and delicious! While waiting for our BeaverTail to be made, we watched the fattest, tiniest birds bounce around by the shop front – swooping over hungry customers’ heads and perching on the menu sign. Adorable.

BeaverTail in hand, the family met up in Tim Horton’s for chili to warm up. I was very proud of my remembering to bring my bamboo cutlery, and proceeded to scoop some chili out with my own spoon. How sustainably sophisticated! Note to self: bring eco-friendly appliances everywhere for a quick self-esteem boost in times of need – ’cause it feels great when you’re not wasting! (Note to reader: I’m not the epitome of eco-friendly but I am trying & that’s a start.)

Following our lunch of sorts, we were all in the mood for a hot drink. Turns out the Starbucks we wondered into was actually the lobby of a hotel which explains all the fancy couches. After the much-needed pick-me-up, we walked back past the waterfall. Cue a second round of pictures and marvelling over the view. By now the snow had cleared – my toes weren’t numb – and there were a couple of rainbows adorning the waterfall. Absolutely beautiful.

We meandered towards the car – with the occasional a capella breakout – and eventually hopped in and headed home. All in all, a good trip out – and another check off my bucket list! Niagara Falls is an incredible sight to see; I’ll definitely be back in the summer.

– Chanel

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