You Surround Yourself With Stars

There is just something so unfathomably wonderful about belonging to space…

I’ve seen you with the moon dust on your cheeks as dawn is breaking
running late because you couldn’t bear to miss the view
smiling to the earth – glittering with photos taking
every chance to see the way you sparkle: I’ve seen you

I have seen the way you carry planets on your shoulders
the weight they push down onto you – you hold your back up strong
what mysteries are tucked away in the folds of the fabric?
what anecdotes and songs and stories do you bring along?

you dance – the glittering void moves with each step of your own
you write – a  picture of the sky is adorned with a poem
you keep reminders on your shelves that you are just a speck
in this great big universe you haven’t explored yet

you tell your secrets to the skies and think that we don’t hear
you cry when our explorer’s die and wipe away the tears
you surround yourself with stars – but moon child, don’t you know?
the stars will stay within you no matter where you go

each atom you are made of is an atom made of me
I’m not a being you can touch – a figure you can see
I’m every spirit everywhere – every body, every face
we are the universe incarnate – we are outer space

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