Play These Loud: In Space, No One Can Hear You Sing!

If you didn’t catch it from my last post, I really love space. So much, in fact, that back in May 2017, I named all the playlists in my bullet journal after various celestial bodies. The bullet journal in question was long-since abandoned but I still have all the half-made mixtapes – and the ideas for the atmospheres each one creates. So with a little sprucing up, I now present some space-inspired playlists!

The Milky Way Playlist

This playlist was named after the trail of stars we see in the sky at night – and the galaxy our solar system forms a part of. The songs here are almost like lullabies; they’re meant to doze off to until you drift away.

  • affection – cigarettes after sex
  • bashed out – this is the kit
  • she – dodie
  • i won’t fight it – andrew belle
  • k – cigarettes after sex
  • secret for the mad – dodie
  • only ones who know – arctic monkeys
  • apocalypse – cigarettes after sex
  • chinatown – liam gallagher

The Explorer Playlist

The inspiration behind this name is kind of ambiguous: the first United States satellite launched was called Explorer-I, so the playlist is kind of a nod to that pioneering spirit. But you can also draw influences from the general theme of space exploration. Either way, the songs here are inspired by adventures and open-horizon. I’d use these as the soundtrack over a thrilling montage of a road trip. You get the picture.

  • wild things – alessia cara
  • youth – troye sivan
  • anything could happen – ellie goulding
  • home – phillip phillips
  • water under the bridge – adele
  • 80s films – jon bellion
  • another day of sun – la la land cast
  • hurt somebody – noah kahan
  • down – andrew belle

The Supernova Playlist

Trying to explain the feeling behind this playlist has mostly left me making vague hand gestures in front of the screen and not producing any words. These songs just make you feel… new? There’s something refreshing about these songs, and if you can find a word that puts it all into perspective, let me know! Until then, listen to the following tracks and see if you feel supernova too – which, fittingly, is the bright burst during the death of a star when there appears to be a brand new star.

  • hey brother – avicii
  • something just like this – the chainsmokers
  • dance to this – troye sivan ft. ariana grande
  • watch – billie eilish
  • river lea – adele
  • angela – the lumineers
  • supercut – lorde
  • i go crazy – orla gartland
  • between two lungs – florence and the machine

The Aurora Playlist

The Aurora lights are sort of a space phenomenon, and I’ve used the notion of bright, beautiful lights to create an anthem-esque, almost-girl-power playlist. I think the two concepts really click with each other – listen to this playlist when you’re in need of some upbeat, confidence-boosting tunes.

  • sit still look pretty – daya
  • burn – ellie goulding
  • brave – sara bareilles
  • holy ground – taylor swift
  • burn the pages – sia
  • absolutely smitten – dodie
  • back in my body – maggie rogers
  • green light – lorde

I hope you enjoyed what was perhaps an unconventional collection of space songs. This was more a dive back into the ways the infinite abyss around us shaped me in little ways! Keep an eye out on Instagram for some more songs as well as other surprises coming your way this Space Week!
If you’re not following me already you can find my latest posts at the bottom of this page, or search me up @/teenageadoxography – I occasionally post additions my song-of-the-day collection and I’ll send out an announcement when these playlists are added to my Spotify.

Remember: play these songs as loud as you can! In Space, no one can hear you sing along!

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